The Beginning

Hi.  Thanks for visiting. 

For over three months now, we have been hard at work getting our little chocolate factory up and running.  There has been an unrelenting barrage of hurdles and setbacks at every step of the way, and times when I wanted to just give up entirely.  It seemed like every possible thing that could go wrong did. I am thrilled to report that most of the kinks have been worked out.  We have been in full scale production for about a month, and we’re building up our inventory and sharing samples of the chocolate with friends, family, and potential retailers.  So far the response has been very encouraging.

Our chocolate:

I like to think what we do in our sleepy little Catskills town is really special. We are proud to rank among only a handful of small batch craft chocolate makers in the United States. This is a group of manufacturers whose ultimate goal is excellence in everything they do: finding exceptional ingredients, and carefully coaxing out their fullest potential until a chocolate emerges several days later that stands up as a world class product.

The product line:

Our opening product line is made up of a selection of dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars.  Our Classic Milk chocolate is our interpretation of a traditional milk chocolate: full of big vanilla and caramel notes.  Our Dark Milk is a gateway chocolate: a hybrid of dark and milk that is rounded out with fleur de sel.  The dark 66% and 70% dark bars represent what I look for in chocolate: balance.  The floral and earthy tones are highlighted by a careful and judicious roast.  In addition to our line of bars, we are offering several chocolate coated products. Caramelized Oregon Hazelnuts, Smoked Almonds, Roasted Cocoa Nibs, and Jalapeño Dusted Corn Nuts.  These are all coated in our signature 66% Dark Chocolate and are highly addictive.

Our chocolate is:

All are produced using single origin Costa Rican cocoa beans.  These belong to the Trinitario variety of cacao, a nuanced, flavorful base for our chocolate. The cocoa beans are both fair trade and organically grown. In place of highly refined sugar, we use evaporated cane juice, an ethical and flavor boon to our finished product.

The design:

A  few months ago I  was very fortunate to be introduced to Scarlet Duba, who has given Fruition its distinct look. As a graphic designer, her skills are incomparable, and I have a suspicion that she has been giving this project her full attention because of the endless supply of chocolate to taste.